What is the longest length that the automatic awning will be extending?

The longest length that folding awning can be extend to 3.50 meters.

Why do I need waterproof sheet?

Because there will be a space between the wall and fabric spool, so we will need a waterproof sheet.

Why do I need to rebar?

This will be need in case of that the job site area is frail.

What is the different between kunilon canvas and acrylic canvas?

1. Price 2.Useful life 3.waterproofness 4.Heat

What is the different between kunilon canvas, acrylic canvas, and solar view canvas?

Solar view will be transparent, but kunilon and acrylic will be opaque.

How many types are poly sheet?

1.Clear poly 2. Pearl poly

What is the different between clear poly sheet and pearl poly sheet?

The clear poly sheet is almost 100% transparent. The pearl poly sheet will have more refraction so it will be less transparent.

How many types of poly sheets?

2 types 1.Corrugation flute 2.Solid sheet

What is metal sheet with aluminum foil?

Adding aluminum foil will help 1. Heat resistant 2. Soundproof when rain falls down on the sheet

what is the structure material for the Automatic awning?

The structure material is aluminum.

How many centimeters will show when I fold the awning?

There will be about 40 centimeters left.

How many systems do Automatic awning currently have?

1.Winch system 2. Electric motor

How many meters are remaining after foldaway the carport?

1.50 meters.