Permanent awning truss

Permanent awning truss
Permanent awning truss is suitable for building, residence with adequate space. The firm structure consists of several types of material including steel plate and stainless. The roof also has wide range of selections whether it is metal sheet, polycarbonate plate, aluminum plate, d-lite and other types of plate. It can last more than 10 years.

There are 2 types of permanent structure canopy.
1.Stainless steel frame Lighter than steel, does not rust, strong, durable

2.Skeletal Strong, durable, rust-proof paint And painted as the client wanted

There are 4 types of sheet material used with permanent frames.
1.Polycarbonate Sheet Is a high quality plastic sheet Has translucent properties But when talking about the strength, it can withstand many times more impact than glass The material is tough. Resistant to scratches The material is UV-resistant, heat resistant, non-flammable, therefore this type of product is often used. Instead of glass or glass The lifespan of the polycarbonate sheet is 8 years.

2.D-Lite Special features Able to let the light shine naturally, eyes comfortable, the sheet can reflect heat very well, protect up to 99% UV in the translucent material group Gives light through natural color, comfortable to the eyes, modern, elegant Strong and durable The lifespan of the Delight Plate 10 years.

3.Metal Sheet Or steel roofing sheets Is the steel that has been rolled to be thin and made into wavy, strong, durable, not rust, has a long service life Also able to bend or cut to be shaped according to the structure and design of the work The lifespan of the metal sheet is 15 years.

4.Aluminum sheet Aluminum sheet It is a 100% opaque sheet that is lightweight, strong, resistant to sunlight and rain. There are a variety of colors to choose from, according to the color of the building. The lifespan of the aluminum sheet is 10 years.