European shaped awning

European shaped awning
Wind shaped awning is a European shaped awning that will catch all attention. It is made of PVC canvas, solar view, and acrylic. It is suitable to install in the front porch or restaurant. The wind shaped awning looks beautiful, elegance, and modern and helps protect from sunray and rain.

Types of awnings Europe style, divided according to the characteristics of awnings.
1.Canopy awning

2.Trapezoid awning
3.Half circle awning

There are 2 types of the structure of the awning.

1.Stainless steel frame  Lighter than steel, does not rust, strong, durable
2.Skeletal Strong, durable, rust-proof paint And painted as the client wanted

There are 3 types of fabric materials used for the fan frame.
1.PVC Canvas  Also known as Kunilun, Kunilun canvas Is a double-sided PVC coated canvas Smooth and oily skin Is an opaque fabric High quality PVC Can be 100% waterproof, sunblock and rainproof Service life 4-5 years

2.Solar View Silk has 4 times higher fibers than normal canvas. Canvas is tough and can handle all weather. Life is 5-6 years.
3.Acrylic canvas Opaque fabric specially woven from acrylic fibers Imported from Australia Waterproof fabric and good coating of canvas Service life 8 years or more