Automatic awning

Automatic awning
If the area of your front porch is small and you do not want to block the area permanently by using the traditional awning, installing an awning with “Automatic awning” will also help. It is helpful either under the clear bright sky or on the cloudy day. The front porch can be open and it can be complete through easy equipment installation. There is no need for any structural steel preparation; aluminum will only be need to control the folding and stretching. The size and price of the equipment will increase accordingly to the area covered. The unique features for each types of canvas will be providing in both winch system and electric motor system.

The awning control system is divided into 2 types
1.Awning can be folded (Manual System) is a system that is used through the hand crank to rotate the gears to open-close the awning.
2.Motor System Awning is an automatic system that operates with electric motors. Via control with a remote control switch or smartphone

The size and characteristics of the foldable awning
Automatic awning 2 m / 2.5 m / 3 m / 3.5 m

Width can be made to a maximum width of 20 meters

Foldable awning structure
The structure is made of aluminum, strong, can be used to recruit steel as well, not a good heat resistant steel. But it can be used for offsite jobs The color structure is white and black, according to the needs of customers.

The fabric of the foldable awning.
1.PVC Canvas Also known as Kunilun, Kunilun canvas Is a double-sided PVC coated canvas Smooth and oily skin Is an opaque fabric High quality PVC Can be 100% waterproof, sunblock and rainproof Service life 4-5 years

2.Solar View  Translucent fabric has 4 times higher fiber than normal canvas. Canvas is tough and durable to all weather conditions. Service life 5-6 years
3.Acrylic canvas Opaque fabric specially woven from acrylic fibers Imported from Australia Waterproof fabric and good coating of canvas Service life 8 years or more