1. Awning with Folding Arm System type Winch system with PVC wide 4.00 meters. the longest length that folding awning can be extend to 2.00 meters. : aluminum special price 9,900.-

2. Electric Motor + Remote Control, Free install wiring distance 5 meters, Special Price 18,000.-

3. Awning, stainless steel frame with polycarbonate sheet, special price 2,000.- per sq m.

4. Foldable garage, special price, size, sedan 21,000.-, pickup truck 25,000.-

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( For new customers and do not join promotions 1, 2, 3 )

High Speed kansad Co.,Ltd

The company has established its business for over 30 years. It is the leader in landscape architecture and residences

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The company also manufactures, distribute, and design folding awning with both motor and winch functions as well as permanent roof truss.