High Speed Kansad Co., Ltd

The company has established its business for over 30 years. It is the leader in landscape architecture and residences. The company also manufactures, distribute, and design folding awning with both motor and winch functions as well as permanent roof truss.

  • Permanent awning truss made of metal sheet/aluminum/polycarbonate/canvas
  • Folding awning both in motor and winch functions with PVC/solar view/acrylic quilt
  • Convertible carport in the size of sedan, pick-up truck, or custom-fit
  • Vertical window blind both with motor and winch functions with PVC/solar view/acrylic quilt
  • Wind shaped awning with PVC/solar view/acrylic quilt

The structure is made of Aluminum Alloy with high endurance and rust proof. There are wide selections of both PVC canvas and multi-color acrylic canvas for awning. It is long lasting and can endure all weather. There are also selections between winch system and electric motor system. This will help to elevate the area. The services will also include company logo screen-printing for advertisement.